Sharin Choudhury

Sharin Choudhury

Originally from Assam, living amidst 35 million people.

Art is a medium which helps me to escape, to seek solace.


More about me

I am more of a Lone Wolf, creating and joining fragments in solitude. I like experimenting all genres and forms. My work explores the bright intimate tones. 

I just simply don't want to create compositions hanging in the wall, rather something that elicits emotional response or engaging experience for the viewers.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

 What to expect? 
     I'll be writing on:
  • technology

  • economy

  • business 

  • entrepreneurship 

  • other relevant things of my interest. 


*To get a clearer idea of what to expect and a closer look at my style of writing check out my previous blogs which are available for free. 

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

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