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Sayanee Mukherjee

A young imaginative writer. I write to bring a smile on the reader's face. Spreading positivity, joy and peace is the purpose of my writing. Also personally, I find these for myself in writing. I would like to take all my readers on this Bon Voyage of my writing world. Join my premium plan to get a break from this busy world and find some peace.

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My Work till now

I want to bring readers who would love to explore my world of writing. If my readers would love to check my work then they can surf through my free works, check my Instagram @thesmwrites or even can view my published book in Amazon (Love and Unity: Two bonds of life)

If my writing does succeed in serving its purpose my works shall motivate you, make you laugh and make you think about life in a different positive way.

What's on Premium?


  • no third party ads. 

  • access to my premium blogs 

  • personal contact with me 

  • the right to recommend topics 

  • on an average, two writeup/blogs every month

 What to expect? 
     I'll be writing on:
  • Poems

  • Abstracts

  • Opinions/thoughts

  • Other relevant things of my interest. 


*To get a clearer idea of what to expect and a closer look at my style of writing check out my previous blogs which are available for free. 

Nessun prodotto

Per year

 Additional benefits:  

Free entry to WissenMonk meet-ups, events and webinars. 

Free monthly magazines from the WissenMonk Community. 

Special discounts on WissenMonk products.

T&C apply

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